Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 2

Hello everyone! It's me, Elder Goold, back at it again!
It's been another crazy week here at the MTC. I can hardly believe that I've been out on my mission for 2 weeks already. There's just about 104 weeks that I'll be serving, and I'm already down to 102. I guess time flies when all you're doing is learning the gospel and figuring out how to serve people better.

I'm amazed at how many spiritual experiences I've had at my short stay here. For example, on Sunday we have a devotional from a speaker. They announced that the MTC Presidency decided that they should show a devotional that Elder Bednar had given in December at the MTC called " The characteristics of Christ." It was a really good talk that better helped me understand how I can have charity for the people that I serve and how better to be an instrument for Heavenly Father. He taught how we don't posses spiritual gifts but how we become them. REEEEEAAAALLLY good stuff. Then at the end of the talk, everyone in the meeting center (the gym, capacity 2,100) stood up and the organ started playing "we thank thee O God for a prophet" and I about died. A man and his wife walked in with his wife and sat on the stage. The conducting member announced that we were blessed to have Elder Bednar to stop by and he was going to do a Q&A session with us.

HOOOOOOOLYLYLYLYLYLYLY FLIP was I excited. I don't have a lot of time to talk about what he said, but what he did say was amazing and absolutely inspired. Just seeing an apostle of Jesus Christ made my testimony grow 10X. I never knew that someone could carry such a spirit with them or that someone could be so strong with knowledge of the scriptures and Jesus Christ. I took a lot of good notes that I will for sure use on my mission, + how cool is it to see an apostle!?!?!?

We had Elder Clarke from the 70 talk to us last night at the Tuesday devotional also. We talked a lot about when he was a mission president and gave a lot of good messages. My favorite is "Diligence beats Intelligence" I really want to be a hard working missionary who devotes myself to the salvation of souls. MAAN am I excited to actually go out into the field haha.

Other than that not much is different from last week other than we've been playing a lot of volleyball haha. I take a train at 6:30 in the morning on Tuesday for 20 minutes to SLC where the mission pres will pick me and the other missionaries up.

Thank you everyone so much who has responded!!! I love seeing all the pictures and hearing all about you're crazy lives haha! I know the church is true, I love everyone!!!!

(P.S. get in contact with my mom if you want to send something to me/have any questions.)

-Elder Goold

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