Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 1

Hello everyone!!

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful messages!!! My first week has been both the longest, most exhausting week. It has also somehow gone by crazy fast. Every minute of everyday is accounted for and is filled to the brim with classes and devotionals.

 I never thought there could be so much about the gospel that I didn't know. The teachers here are amazing and totally helpful. I've been getting better at teaching and sharing the gospel. This first week has been a lot of how to study and also adjusting to life in the mission field. I feel like I've learned how to teach the restoration and how to not be afraid to invite people to be baptized and how to help investigators make and keep commitments. It have also learned how to invite other people to pray. The power of prayer has really helped me, I feel like I'm praying pretty much 24/7. 

I'm adjusting to life out here pretty well. In terms of living conditions, it's pretty much an EFY on steroids and its completely oriented on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The food is catered by the BYU staff and has been so far pretty good. One night we had Papa Johns and I about died I was so happy haha. Also we had chick-fil-a one night, that was pretty good.

Exercising everyday has been kicking my butt and making me sore, but it's good for me. We went to the temple today in the Provo Temple, what an amazing experience. You can really feel the Holy Ghost strongly as well as the love from Heavenly Father. 

My companion is Elder Bates, he is from Washington. I'll be attaching pictures later because the computers in the Laundry don't work very well. He is really good about reading his scriptures and he shares them really well during lessons. He's kinda quiet, but he also can joke with me. My district is working pretty well and I think I'm learning a lot. I've gotten semi comfortable so I started joking a lot, maybe that's a good thing, maybe its not.

I hope that everyone doesn't cry too much in my absence. If you ever need a good joke, just look in the mirror. (kidding?) 

Love you all!!!!!
-Elder Goold

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